Finds her peace writing; the energy on the stage; likes interacting with her audiences; hates changes: a lost battle since she crosses the Atlantic Ocean about 8 times a year from Barcelona to New York. Speaks English, Spanish and Catalan, but only writes in English. “It’s the language I grew up speaking in Canada and with the one I express my feelings and experiences more openly. I heard that if when you’re old you become senile the brain only remembers the language you spoke when you were 5. That means I will only speak in English and that my siblings, who grew up in Barcelona, will have a hard time communicating with me! Let’s hope i don’t become senile then!”

• “I Could Be” – EP (2016, Subterfuge Records)
• “Requisitos Para Ser Una Persona Normal” – Banda Sonora (2015, Subterfuge Records)
• “The Little Things We Do” (2013, Subterfuge Records)
• “Kick In The Head” (2010)
• “Sunbeam Surrounded By Winter” (2007)
• “Out Of Without” (2001)

· “Luthea stands out from her peers.” – Rolling Stone Magazine
· “Intimate stories with a very personal touch.” – Mondo Sonoro
· “A wonder!” – Jordi Basté (RAC 1)
· “Listening to Luthea gives you wings to fly a bit higher.” – Rockdelux
· “Luthea Salom is happiness. A complete artist.” – Julio Ruiz (Radio 3)
· “Luthea’s songs are a mix of exquisite Folk and a very colorful, sentimental, acoustic pop.” – Santi Alcanda (Radio 3)

Grew up in an artistic environment surrounded by books, sculptures and paintings where music didn’t have a place in the family’s passions. They didn’t own a record player, they didn’t listen to the radio or musical programs on TV. After insisting at 9 she was given her first record player. That’s about when she bit the forbidden fruit and started dreaming about building a name for herself in the music business. At 13 a friend of hers lent her an acoustic guitar and with it she discovered the world of songwriting. At 17 she moved to London and joined different local bands as a guitar player and backing vocalist before initiating her own solo career. A few years later (and 4 released albums) Luthea together with her siblings give her parents a record player. Today Luthea’s CDs are among their favorites. However, surrounded by books, sculptures and paintings.


· 2012 & 2008 – Shortlisted in 11 categories for the Grammy Awards with “Kick In The Head” and “Sunbeam Surrounded By Winter”.

· 2012 – Finalist for Rolling Stone Magazine’s awards “Termómetro RS” with her song “Tomorrow”.

· 2012 – Finalist and semifinalist for film festivals Musiclip and Festival Cine de Zaragoza with her video “Be Me”.

· 2011 & 2012 – Several awards in the USA – International Motion Art Award, ISC, Crank Your Cred – for her video “Blank Piece Of Paper”.

· 2009 – German fans, tired of waiting for a German booker to bring her to their country, decide to organize the tour themselves contacting the venues in their cities.

· 2004 – Finalist for the awards “Frontera” de Altaveu.


please credit the photographer when using these images – all photos by Ron Haviv / VII

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