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Addicted to DIOR y b a r t a b a c from StyleLovely
Song “Hey! Wake Up” now available on itunesspotifydeezer !!!

Dior, has chosen song “Hey! Wake Up” for the promotional teasers for the campaign Addicted to Dior. The main characters on these videos, which will be uploaded to Style Lovely during the following days, are some of the main fashion bloggers in Spain. You can watch some of these teasers where the bloggers live fashion to the rhythm of Luthea’s music.

“Hey! Wake Up” video

Screen shot 2013-06-22 at 7.23.57 PM
this week we’re filming the video for song “hey! wake up” which will be part of my new album out in october 2013. here’s a frame with anthony spinelli playing the part of sleepy boyfriend. photo by ron haviv

watch the video here

song now available on:
itunesspotify deezer

“crazy” video shoot

on sunday we did the video shoot for the upcoming video for song “crazy” with valentí adell, josep tvrdy, jordi fils and noemí. it was so much fun playing the part of a slightly cooky girl and very hard to keep a straight face while doing so…
here’s a frame from when i was “hearing voices in my head”. Sequence 01.Still002


Pere-Papell8thank you so much all of you who came out to see me play with my great band during April, May & June. we had a blast and it was great fun to see some old faces again!!!! you’re FAB and i’m very grateful for your support! can’t wait to come back again to present my new CD “the little things we do” around Spain and other European countries after the summer!

…in the meantime, have a wonderful summer, use sunscreen, drink lots of water, listen to good music and see you all very very soon!
…i’m counting the days :-)

upcoming show in MANRESA


• luthea salom – vocals, guitar, ukulele
• valentí adell – guitar, keys, glockenspiel, melodica
• jordi fils – bass, glockenspiel, melodica, percussion

SHOW IN barcelona


PRESENTING “Never Blue” with full band:
• luthea salom – vocals, guitars, ukulele
• valentí adell – guitars, keys, xylophone, melodica, casiotone
• jordi fils – bass, melodica, glockenspiel, percussion
• stephen hund – drums, percussion, backing vocals
• xavi castanys – mandolin, melodica

buy tickets here
7€ advanced / 8€ at door