roger-photo• ROGER GASCON
Producer, multi-instrumentalist and obsessed with music. He sings all over the place except in the shower – always claims that during his 30-minute showers it’s when his best ideas for melodies, lyrics or arrangements come to his head. This compensates his water bills – He started his music career at a young age when his father would lock himself up in a room to play keyboards with headphones so Roger couldn’t hear him. He didn’t succeed, as Roger would end up entering the room, climbing onto his lap and pushing away his hands in order to play the keyboards himself. At 4 he started studying music and piano and since then he picks up any instrument he can find – except wind instruments, due to his lack of breath and the fact that even though he doesn’t consider himself all that good looking, he’s a bit coquettish and thinks that the face he makes when blowing is very unflattering. He’s played several instruments – keys, guitar, drums, vocals – in different bands. Now with Luthea Salom he’s accomplished what he thought was impossible: playing all these instruments and more in just one band… and even in just one song. instagram | twitter

Jordi Fils square • JORDI FILS
From the beginnings of his music career, and more specifically from his relationship with bass amplifiers, Jordi Fils mantains a hard battle trying to obtain, not only the challenge of that idionsyncratic sound that everyone desires from the correlation of instrument-amplifier, but simply some mercy and peace that allows him to enjoy painlessly any new “megaphone” that he purchases or finds in some concert venue.
However, he has the privilege of never having been asked in a direct way the stunning question or suggestion if he has ever considered “singing in Spanish instead of English”. instagram | twitter

Xavi fent el gilipolles • XAVI CASTANYS
A long, long time ago Xavi was taking a pleasant walk when he suddenly stumbled against a folk band busking in the street. Impressed by the sound of the mandolin, Xavi promptly fell in love with that small and light instrument. He started playing incessantly to this date experimenting some important physical changes that made him go frantically looking for the origin of metal strings. Exhausted after such a quest and also by everyone who’s called him bandurriero he now lives happily teaching the virtues of mandolin to first graders.
Xavi has played in numerous bands in the folk-grass-traditional scene and he still hasn’t had enough.

Musician, producer, multi-instrumentist and poly-traumatic – the latter due to the abuse, not long ago, by glockenspiels, melodicas, casiotones and an array of hellish instruments.
Worried about the small things as long as they are not important. Wears sneakers. Voice of the conscience. Bald. instagram | twitter